What is Home Health Care?

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-Medicare Certified Home Health-

Our goal is simple: To provide compassionate assistance to the homebound patient, thus enabling confidence and peace of mind.

Since we opened our doors in 2005, Absolutely Angels, Inc has been enabling the highest level of independence and dignity, while remaining in the comfort of home. Absolutely Angels is committed to enabling the highest level of independence and dignity to patients in their home setting by providing quality home care services through the use of skilled nurses, therapists, social workers, and aides. For homebound seniors who need skilled help to manage a medical condition, or who temporarily need skilled help following a hospitalization, home health is the answer to recovery, education and treatment in a familiar, comfortable setting.

Who pays for Home Health?

Medically necessary home health care is covered at 100% by Medicare. 

Medicare Advantage Plan and Private Insurance also have home health benefits.

Home Health Care is care delivered at the patient's residence by skilled and non-skilled professionals including nurses, therapists, social workers, and aides. Medically necessary home health is typically covered by Medicare and Insurance and can be provided to patients upon prescription by a supervising physician. Non-medical home care is usually longer term support offered by aides to assist with day to day care. Non-medical care is typically not covered by insurance.

Medically necessary home health care can be availed when all below conditions are met:

o Skilled and intermittent home health is considered reasonable & necessary

o Patient is home bound and it is a taxing effort for them to leave home
o Physician prescribes skilled home health services
o Skilled services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical social services

If you think you qualify for home health care, we’d love to meet with you for a free consultation. Simply fill out the contact form to request one now:

Who qualifies for Home Health Care?

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