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What are the indicators for home health?
Level 1 ‘Maybe’
  • Frequent calls to Physician
  • New condition or diagnosis requiring addln teaching/monitoring
Level 2 ‘Very Likely’
  • Multiple Comorbidities / Frequent labs
  • Changes in living situation requiring addln care
  • Difficulty getting to the physician office
  • Overwhelmed caregiver
Level 3 ‘Definite YES’
  • Planned / recent / frequent hospitalization
  • Frequent falls
  • Safety issues / weight loss / difficulty with ADLs
  • Depression or Confusion

Absolutely Angels Offers Complimentary Assessment to Help Determine Eligibility

How does home health help my patients and my practice?
  • Enabling a smooth transition
  • Reducing re-hospitalization
  • Single point of contact for Post Acute Care
  • Helping residents age in place happily
  • Reducing hospitalization risks for residents
  • Improving return to AL/IL ratios post hospitalization
  • Managing move-out due to health reasons

Absolutely Angels Offers Weekly Updates, if required, for 30 day Post DC Period

Home Health serves as an extension of physician’s office by
  • Improving adherence to the prescribed care plan and medication regimen
  • Keep patients recovering at home and out of hospital
Helping maintain independence of patients and reducing frequent and unnecessary calls or visits to your office
Providing frequent updates to your office and helping patients keep ongoing appointments with your office. We try to be their first call.
We serve as an extension of your education process that you initiate in the hospital / clinic

We are an extension of your team and serve as your eyes and ears in patient homes

What are the benefits of home health?
Significantly improve chances of aging in place happily
  • There are no co-pays for this service
  • There are no caps on this service
Reducing medical costs and stress
  • Minimizing hospitalizations reduces co-pays and co-insurance
  • Avoid stress associated with hospitalizations
Helping reduce the stress of managing your loved ones’ or parents health condition, especially if you live away
Adopt precautions to prevent future complications
How do I pay for home health?
Home health is included in Medicare as a fully covered benefit
  • There are no co-pays for this service
  • There are no caps on this service
Most Medicare Advantage Plans and Commercial Insurances also include the home health benefit
  • Details of coverage may vary by plan
  • Most plans cover it similar to Medicare
Patients do not have to pay for any costs for home health as long as they meet the eligibility conditions
Is home health the right choice?
We are still updating the contents on our website. Please check back for the updates.
Common myths about home health
Myth Reality
Home health cannot be ordered if no hospitalization has occurred Yes it can be. One of the key goals of home health is to reduce (re)hospitalization.
Home health is only covered by Medicare All Medicare Advantage plans and most private insurances also cover this benefit. Typically at zero cost to patients.
Home health only provides skilled nursing Home health provides nursing, therapy, and aides on an intermittent basis. AA also takes care of DMEs, Labs, x-ray / ultrasounds, and Psych services at home
Home health services can only be ordered for a short duration Medicare does not put a limit on duration of home health services as long as patient meets qualifying conditions
Home Health is the same as Home Care Home Health is a skilled service (SN/PT/OT/ST/ Psych/MSW) and is covered by MCR / Insurance. Home care is Private duty sitter svc and is pvt pay